▀ ▄▀ ▄ ║Peek-a-Boo

25 Jun

“Where’d you get those peepers?” Why, MADesigns of course. Eyes from Kmadd have been my main choice since my avatars inception. I have  grown accustomed to my face with them and they never tire! I love the color ranges in every collection and the choice between deep and soft colors.

Chic 2 was quite a smashing success if I may say so. Many designers all in one spot to celebrate the birth of Chic Management events. In this post I am wearing a few of the items from the event. You have until sometime today to celebrate! RUN!!! TP here.

If you happen to arrive fashionably late to everything like I do, the items are likely to be available in stores shortly.

[Credits after the leap]

A quick note about The Men’s Department while I’m thinking of what to wear for my next post…

The owner of TMD (Mikel Monk)  has recently relocated The Mens Department to The Pea @ The Nest.

Click here to visit the new location, it’s on the ground now!

Fellow artisans, credit your beloved pose makers! It’s part of the Dandy code of honor.

Poses: [Exposeur] That Boy – 8 M {The Men’s Dept. item}
[SupPOSEdly] June – 7 {NEW}

Skin: [Tableau Vivant] – Ryan  ~ Sent to destroy ~ 11
Hair: [Atro Patena] – Ethan ~ Gray {Chic2 item}
Eyes: [MADesigns] – EYES_CONFIDENCE ~ subtle blue {NEW}
Make-up: [MONS] – Eyeshadow ~  smoke blue
Facial Hair: [Emortal Concepts] – Scruffy Mutton Chops
Shirt: [HVK] – Freedom Loose Tee ~ White (MESH) {Chic2 item}
Pants: [LWL] – Cutout Jegging ~ dark wash/white
Sandals: [CheerNo] – Lourensso Sandals  ~ Blue (MESH){The Men’s Dept. item}
Lips: [Pekka] – Flora Lipstick  ~ Colors (4) {Chic2 item}
Watch: [SHADE THRONE] –  MACHANG watch ~ aqua
Piercing: [HoD] – Dragon Spiral ~ Gauge v2 (L) ~ Razor {Chic2 item}
Necklace:  [Maxi Gossamer]  – Eden Sun Pendant ~  Long {Chic2 item}

*blood on the chin is part of the skin, the blood on the lipstick was drawn by me in PS  to continue the effect
*the hair is edited



Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo
Golly jeepers
Where’d you get those peepers?
Peepshow, creepshow
Where did you get those eyes?



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