▀ ▄▀ ▄ ║Brown Chicken Brown Cow

6 Mar

Howdy!  Been cuttin’ back on city slickin’ it, but…I’m back in my underwear again. I expect i’ll be gettin’ to shoppin’ purdy pitchers for y’all directly n’ such. 

 |  ★ BANG BANG ★ |

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Garrett Ceriano

[Credits after the leap]

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▀ ▄▀ ▄ ║Peek-a-Boo

25 Jun

“Where’d you get those peepers?” Why, MADesigns of course. Eyes from Kmadd have been my main choice since my avatars inception. I have  grown accustomed to my face with them and they never tire! I love the color ranges in every collection and the choice between deep and soft colors.

Chic 2 was quite a smashing success if I may say so. Many designers all in one spot to celebrate the birth of Chic Management events. In this post I am wearing a few of the items from the event. You have until sometime today to celebrate! RUN!!! TP here.

If you happen to arrive fashionably late to everything like I do, the items are likely to be available in stores shortly.

[Credits after the leap]

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▀ ▄▀ ▄ ║Stand and Deliver

4 Jun

Greetings, Gentle-peoples! It’s been quite some time that I’ve been meaning to dedicate a blog to the many quandary’s of Second Life fashion, the time has finally come! Ta-da! *trumpets* You are cordially invited to blog-roll swap and follow Post Dandy. As a heads up, my photographs will be either moderately or heavily edited the majority of the time. When I review I will do very minor editing.

This first look I am showing was worn by myself to MAD Agency’s COLORS  show. It exemplifies what my personal style is when I go out to see le fashion shows I fancy. The style is somewhat casual, on the edgy side, and a balance of juxtaposition. It’s mostly just me though. Ooh la la. Dandy, innit?

[Credits after the leap]

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